what is the role of a PM during execution?

is the PM having a coordinator role during execution?

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 It's not clear what you're asking. 

In general, PMs are involved in execution.  The details vary by project and organization.  

What's the situation you're in that raised the question?  

John Hack

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The role of the PM during execution really depends on many factors:

  • Size of the project
  • Size of the project team
  • Corporate PM culture
  • PM's level of involvement in the actual result delivery
  • Etc.

Generally speaking, however, you can say that the smaller the project the more hands-on will your role as the PM be. If you have a 2-3 person project then your role as the PM is to both coordinate the execution of the project but you will very often also be asked to pitch in and do some "real" work. And the larger the project the more leadership oriented will your role be defined. Take for instance the PM who manages the 2012 London Olympic games. This person will be mainly involved in leading, coordination, communication, strategy and project politics.

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