Hello fellow managers,

I am taking the leap and rolling out the Trinity starting with One-on-Ones. For background purposes, I manage managers not direct contributors. My initial thought was to roll out the Management Tools one-on-one format to my team during our next staff meeting. It's a great format and I want to make this a standard practice in our business.

After further consideration I thought it may be more effective to use the technique with my direct reports for a few weeks, so they experience it, and assuming things go well rolling it out to my managers at our staff meeting in a month or two.

Any thoughts on the best way to proceed?



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  Congratulations on starting up O3s. The manager tools basics podcasts are pretty explicit about how to do this: I have not ever made an announcement at a staff meeting, but I have informed my boss that O3s were going to start.

Hope this helps.

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