When is the most effective time to introduce the MT methodology and have subordinates use it themselves?   I understand the guidance on not introducing O3's, feedback, and coaching all in one fell swoop.  But what about having your subordinates start using the tools?

I am heading to a new organization where I intend to roll out the trinity using the recommended timelines - starting with O3s right away.  At what point do I start having my directs listen to MT and start O3's with their directs?  Right away?  Wait until coaching?

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Check the "Rolling DOWN the Trinity" cast for recommendations. I don't recall the specifics, but I'm sure you should allow time for your directs to get used to the processes and see their benefits before asking them to roll the Trinity out into their own groups.

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I felt that I had to at least be a 'journeyman' at foundations of the MT trinity before rolling it down to my subordinate managers.  Its taken about 18 months so far - and i am feeling pretty solid on O3, Feedback, and Delegation, and am now focusing on Coaching.  My manager-directs were able to see how I rolled down O3's and Feedback, so once I got to that point I felt that they could start on O3s (I was working on Delegation) - and I could help them when they had questions on MT.  I also send my manager-directs to the MT Effective Managers Conference before having them implement it. So it was a cascading rollout / rolldown.

I found Coaching harder, and Delegation is a big part of Coaching (small balls -> big balls). Maybe by delegating first I was actually coaching and did not know it?

It seemed to be effective for me. I hope Mark doesn't tell me that switching the order and doing Delegation before Coaching means I am not donig strict MT :-)




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