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Would you even try to roll out the Trinity with more than 30 (and up to 60) directs and how would you adjust the process?

Short Background:

I frequently come across managers with more than 30 directs and some even have up to about 60 people to "manage".

The fact that this in itself is close to impossible to do with some sort of good quality and effectiveness, is something that has been largely ignored when deciding about the "structure" of the organizations in question. 
It's also typical in these organizations that there is no room for delegating some of the "day to day-leadership" to someone closer to the direct.

Of course the best thing would be to change the structure of the organization.
At the same time we, as Mark and Mike use to say, live in the real world and this what I come across in my work.
So what could we recommend to managers in this situation?

Appreciate all input!


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Is the entire group completely flat, with just one person supervising 30 to 60 people? Or is there any kind of subdivision at all? What kind of business is it?

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 Just one manager that's supposed to manage 30-60 people.

This is mostly found in the public sector, for example in healthcare organizations and communities.


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I recommend that you ask or appoint some of the team members to Manage some others. A ratio of you to 30 or 60 is not fair to anyone, you or the various directs. I understand that your workplace may not easily allow appointment of Managers like this, however I do not see how you have a choice.

You want to reduce the ratio in most cases down to 5 or 6 to 1. A little more,  little less is fine.