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Hi All,

This is the post that I ended up not including in a previous post about the benefits of MT.

I am wondering whether there are any variations on the practices set out in the "Rolling Out The Trinity" casts based on the level of the directs.

My situation is that I am a newly appointed CEO, recruited from outside the company. My directs are therefore executives. I have been planning the roll-out, and am starting with O3s & Weekly Staff Meetings.

I had managers reporting to me before, but I think there may be something different about being the CEO, and also in terms of the fact that my reports are now C-level execs rather than department managers.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on this.



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Consider alternate weeks for your O3 meetings with C-level execs. Your C-level executives likely have calendars full of committee meetings, O3s with their department heads, conferences, client meetings, and such.

PM me for an off-line discussion where I can provide details.

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Could not disagree with Tom more!

I am assuming that you are not the CEO of a $500MM USD firm ["I had managers reporting to me before"]...but it doesn't matter either way.  Do not have less one on ones because your directs are busy, PARTICULARLY at the top.  You are going to be pulled in a million different directions, and if you go to 2x a month, your communications and therefore relationships will suffer. 

Bowing to their existing schedules says, "what you're doing is more important than what we might do or our relationship."  This is patently false.

There is no difference.  We've used this roll out plan with Fortune 500 CEOs, EVPs, SVPs, etc., etc.

No difference.


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Thanks for the responses.

Your read was right Mark. This is not a US$500m company. And the use of the term C-level may be overstating it a bit. But what I gather from your post, reading between the lines ;->, is that there is no difference.


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None.  Every week.

Fit in, fit in, fit in.

Good luck!