If the recommendation for rolling out the Trinity to a team is to do so gradually, do the same rules apply to every new hire as well?  Start with O3's, then add positive feedback, then add adjusting feedback, and then add coaching?

I'm sure this question must have been asked before, but I couldn't find it.  So I apologize if this is a re-post.


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Yes. Start from scratch for each new team member, slowly rolling out each piece over time.

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Any suggestions on what to do when you're in the process of rolling out the tools to the team and then you get a new hire? ie, you've just started feedback with everyone and then a new person starts. Do you just "start the clock" with the new hire from the day they started? Or can you "speed up the process" a bit with them?

What do you say when you're announcing a new phase of the trinity to the team in a meeting but know that you're not going to start a phase with the new hire? Do you mention in O3 that you'll start that with them later? Or just don't deliver that piece to them until later?


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Rawdata, I recommend not over-analyzing the process. During the O3 meetings with the new direct they may ask about feedback. Answer their questions and thank them for asking!

You can safely bet that the others on your team talk about you with the new person on your staff. As such, the new person will catch on pretty quickly.

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Guess that's just a bit of C coming out in me...  ;)

But I'm determined to start feedback this month!!

Thanks for the advice!

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 Thanks for the comments, Guys.