Hi, I just finished the 4-part series on 'Rolling out the Trinity' - great stuff - and wonder if I should shorten the feedback timeline with just two directs I have at this point.

Spending the 6-8 weeks at each stage of the feedback model might leave the second member feeling a bit left out (particularly for the positive feedback :-)

What might be a good timeframe ~ I'm thinking 3-4 weeks.




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Take your time with the feedback model. It's simple, but it has the uncanny ability to make managers nervous and self-conscious. It doesn't matter how many or how few directs we have, we tend to suck giving feedback at the beginning. Milk the learning curve for all its worth. (It helps to ease the tension of by breaking out the model at a staff meeting, where you tell them it's new for everyone involved. They'll cut you some slack.)

I'd start them both out from the get-go. You might not need the full 8 weeks. I've had a staff member come to me before the "positive only" period was up, telling me he'd like to hear stuff he needs to work on. If that happens to you, and you feel comfortable enough with the model, go ahead and move into "affirming AND adjusting mode."

- BJ

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Thanks, BJ

I think you are right ~ starting both out with positive feedback after I finish the O3 rollout timeframe, and then taking the time needed to get it right, before moving into correcting feedback is a better way to go.

I appreciate your comments (and liked to dairy metaphor!)

- Kris



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Just don't distinguish between your two performers.  Roll out each step to both at the same time.