Hi, new to the cast/site and I think it's great. Could someone tell me where to find the suggested e mail templates mentioned for rolling out one on ones?

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Once you find the e-mail, make sure you modify it to your style and the culture of your firm.  I used the format below and got feedback that it was too formal/rigid.  Good luck!

One on One Meeting
The first 10 minutes are for YOUR agenda - anything you want to tell me, about anything. Your work, your family, your pets, your hobby, your challenges, your career, our working together, your working with others. The primary focus of this meeting is going to be YOU.
The middle ten minutes are for me, to share whatever I need to with you. We'll probably talk about projects you are working on, stuff I need from you, and things I've heard from up above. It will NOT be a team meeting with only one attendee; that is, I'm not just going to give you a ton of stuff to take notes on.
The last 10 minutes are for us to talk about the future - your career, training, development, opportunities, etc. The times are flexible with the important part being that we've covered what YOU want to cover.