Just listened to the "One on Ones: The Single Most Effective Manager Tool" podcasts. A Treo 650? Wow, it really put a date on the technology. I kind of miss my Treo sometimes, but I digress.

I was promoted today to Deputy Chief of Police. I will have two directs that were formerly peers and two directs that used to report to my predecessor. One of my very first actions will be to start scheduling O3s. My debate is about how to schedule the former peers.

My work schedule will be M-F. Their work schedule though is an odd one. They work Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat, Sun, Wed, Thur. Since their schedule rotates every two weeks I am debating whether it would be better to keep the schedule reoccurring making it bi weekly or schedule it on a different day every week. 

I am looking forward to building the deeper relationship with my former peers and with my new peers through peer 03s. 

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  One on ones are about relationships and about work(10 for them -relationship 10 for you- work). Assuming that you have a decent relationship with your former peers the question really becomes about work. Can they effectively carry out their duties while only meeting with you on a biweekly basis ?

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I have to disagree a little. While they are about work, they are primarily about relationship. Relationship being the only reliable source of power.

I have a good relationship but desire to build both it and the flow of communication. In the last couple years the new boss has taken a pretty flat organization and turned it back into a hierarchy. That has hurt communication. I also know that I have a non-promoted disgruntled employee as a new subordinate.

I have mostly decided that for convenience we will start with every other week o3s and once the value is seen I think there will be a request to expand. When its their idea to move it to every week I will know I have succeeded in my goals.

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I believe that with four directs it's reasonably easy to schedule weekly meetings, even if you need to alternate every two weeks.
Once you explain them why you want to do it and agree with them on a reasonable time arrangement, they will surely accept it.

Just start doing O3 as soon as possible and keep them up!

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Pick one day for one week and a different ( but always the same) day for the second week. You can easily use any digital calendaring system to create two different recurring bi-weekly calendar events.

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