I made a huge mistake in my first career move last year, after 6 years in the workforce.  I chased (and got) cash but took a huge leap backwards in role, responsibility, and advancement opportunity.  What are your suggestions for putting my career back on course?

I agree in principle with MT's advice to stay 18 months and to avoid changing jobs because one is running away from the current job.  I've been at the new job 9 months.  My wife saw the warning signs, literally, when I came home on day 1.  I decided to get out ASAP during Month 4.  I already have the "run away!" mentality and that's what got me in to this mess in the first place.

I can't hold out for another 9 months.  I come home miserable and take it out on the family. 

I also fear that an 18mos detour from the "progressive responsibilities" will impede my progress in the next 5-10 years of my career.

Should I wait out the 18 months?

Should I aim for an opportunity that advances beyond my front line manager role I had previously?

Should I take the first opportunity I can find to get back on a professional career path?

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This is a work/life balance issue.  Your questions can only be answered through a discussion with your spouse.  If you stay in the job the full 18 mos can your family survive?  If the answer is no, then decide how long you can survive.  This frames your job-search window.  A short window may have to be balanced with relocating. 

A single, short-term period of employment taught you a valuable lesson about fully vetting a position before accepting an offer.  You learned the value of doing work you enjoy over high compensation.  There are a million ways to look at this positively.


  Good luck,

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 It is just my opinion but having been in a similar situation before I think you need to move on.  

While I agree with the advice from MT in general about sticking it out when you mention you are coming home everyday and taking your work out on your family it makes me think it's time for a move.  I agree with mmann that you need to estimate how long you can handle this current job without lasting damage on the family front which will define how long you can search for your next great opportunity.

Again it's my opinion but family should be there for life and is the most important thing.  Work and career opportunities come and go but family should be key.

Try not to jump at the first "rescue" offer and actually spend some time thinking and chasing down an opportunity that you want.

Best of luck!