Here is a problem I would like to get your help with:

I am going on a sabbatical for 6 months to do some research, which interests me and which is related to my job as a lawyer. The company policy foresees that I have a right to come back as an employee - albeit not necessarily in the same position.  I would like some advice on how to organize the sabbatical:

- how to be in touch during the 6 months [monthly meeting? lunch dates with key stakeholders? ]

- how to plan the handover to an external ressource?

My plan after the sabbatical is to come back to my current employer; this is however not the only option. Thanks to MT, my career at the company has progressed very well and I am offered a lot of new responsibilities (actually, a little bit too much).

I am thankful for any input, as the sabbatical feels a bit like jumping off a cliff and I very much identify with the company.

Cheers, J.