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I'm in the process of doing an analysis regarding salaries for my department. I was wondering what some good sources of external data are to use for my region (U.S. Southwest). I'm in the Finance & Accounting industry and our function is most closely related to corporate accounting. Some areas I'm already using are the obvious ones: various free internet searches, local internet job postings, Robert Half salary guide, etc. Any others would be appreciated. I'm just trying to get a handful of relevant data points.


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One that I'd look at is Payscale. It is pretty comprehensive. It asks questions regarding degree, university, location, number of years, and compares with other people with similar profiles. The free version is pretty and goes into a lot of detail but the paid version is reasonable and gives you a lot of detail regarding health benefits and more.

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My favorite is CareerJournal, the WSJ site. It's a good start, and I think it has pretty good numbers on your field. Also, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics,, is surprisingly detailed for a government site.

Let us know if this is enough.


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Thanks Mark and Alex! This should get me what I need. I'd never seen Payscale before. It's very impressive. I just got done reviewing all 3 sources. I liked and WSJ Career Journal the best.

We're in a fairly challenging situation right now regarding compensation for our teams. I'm going to start a new post with more specifics to see if I can get some additional advice.

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I usually use, but PayScale is a great find!