Hello everybody,

I enjoy this forum were I found a lot of good insights. Now I have a doubt I would like to submit to you all.
I am in the final round of negotiation about a new job, where the selection process went on for more then 2 month.
In the last meeting (yesterday) we discussed about the final offer and we settled the details of my request and their position. Now (next week) they have to decide if they want to fill the gap between the two.
Do you think I should send (quickly) a mail that summarize my request as discussed during the meeting, with salary and benefits (that are quite articulated considering a country relocation is involved)? or is enough to wait their answer considering (obviously) that they took notes during the discussion?

Thank you very much for your advices.

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Not an easy one, on one hand it would be good to summarize your thoughts so you can ensure you are in agreement, however this may result in a misunderstanding and could show you as too aggressive. I suppose a lot depends upon the conversations and communication to this point. If you have had a lot of e-mail communication and there is a great deal in writing to this point then it would be good to send an e-mail. If this would be the first instance where you are writing anything it might be best to wait for their response.

If it were me I would probably wait until I saw the initial offer, most times this is the basis for negotiations. They likely are well aware of your position and will likely present you with a fair offer.

If you forgot to mention something of great significance to the position or your situation it may be worth mention.


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you are right, we never exchanged mails regarding our meetings, and start now that we are at the end of the negotiations can be seen as a bit rude (like sending the shopping list).

So I think I will wait for their decision, i.e. their willingness to fill the gap we have btw mine and theirs.

Thank you for having used your time to help me.


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I have an offer on the table and some points that where discussed pre-offer have not found their way onto the letter!

Its a bit of a muddle for me contacting the right person as the hiring company is in the US and I will be hired out of one of the parent companies UK entities.

This means that UK HR write the letters and advise of legality etc., but the guys in the US make the decisions.

I have emailed my US contact stating that a few points need to be discussed ad listed them - we are talking about sales commission %'s and the like, so its not trivia.

Really as the offer only arrived 2 days ago and I have another 10 before they want it back, I dont want to appear too forcefull.

It is a good offer, a very good offer but having been burned in the past through not going over every point and NOT having verbal agreements documented I feel like I have to cross every T and dot every I.

Within the US is the offer a point that is seen as the basis to negotiate from, within this particular hiring process we never discussed salary until the offer landed but they did ask my expectations in which I provided information based on a pay band for this role.

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Please see my other post on this situation.

Good luck!