Hello everyone;

I have been listening intently to the interviewing series again (those podcasts are pure gold) and I remember reading in a major periodical recently where they said that you should not take a new position unless you get at least a 25 percent pay increase from where you are at? What is everyone's opinion of this?

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Ahem :oops:

I suggest you trust your MT homework on compensation. Whatever number you come up with should be fine.

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That's fluff. If you want the new position, you should take it regardless of salary (assuming you are not diminishing your overall quality of life in doing so)

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What they said. There is no rule at all when it comes to salary. For the right position, I've even seen people take a pay cut. But, make sure its the right position.

Additionally, anyone who says you have to get at least a 25% raise doesn't know the realities of job hiring. I believe a rule that said "don't expect more than a 25% rise in salary" would be more realistic.


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I agree. I have the possibility of getting a "dream job" but it would mean a pay cut and having to pay part of my relocation. The up side is that it is in an area with a lower cost of living and it is something I love doing.

I feel the same way that everyone does, that salary is a moot point if it is something you can wake up looking forward to doing. It was just that the article I read caught me by surprise, and I was wondering if I even should keep it in mind. But, since it is a periodical I respect I wanted to see what the rest of the group here thought, seeing as there is a wide realm of intelligent, business-savvy people with real-world experience here.

Thanks again for your opinions, they are greatly appreciated.

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When you love your job, you have the energy and enthusiasm to be great at it. AND: if your new employer has any sense (sounds like they do), then your great performance will be recognized and rewarded. The pay cut is only temporary.

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I'm not a manager yet. That's my next step. I hold a leader role but have no people yet. Being an MT listener, I am excited to begin using some of the tools I don't have the ability to use yet.

That said, the promotion will actually result in a pay-cut when you consider the end of overtime pay. The base is higher but the end result is lower. While this is certainly something not to consider lightly, it will not sway my decision to take a better opportunity.

The same applies with all new job opportunities. Ask yourself, do you want the job? If so, take it.