I just started a new position (first-time manager). In about a month or two, my department name and my title will be changing, though my job will not.

When updating my resume, should I use the new title for the entire term of my position or note the name change. I figure since it's a short term in the current title, I can get away with using only the new one.

My subordinates (former peers) will also be changing titles. For those job titles that I once held, should I keep the old the titles on the resume?

I think I know which way I should go but am looking for confirmation.


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Personally I would state your new job title – a couple of months means nothing and you probably don’t have space to include a corrective note. For the first year perhaps keep it bracketed after your new job title. E.g. Sep 07 – present. Senior Manager (role titled three months as Development Manager) at Acme Inc.

Takes up a lot of space though.

On the past jobs keep the original title. Even if they changed the minute you left.


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What about for my directs? How should you list a job that changes title after 2-5 years in, and they stay at that rank for another few?