Is anyone familiar with Virginia Satir's work?

I just started reading and find it an interesting model for some behaviors I've seen at various jobs (Especially the Placating style).

It occurred to me that there might be some organizational practices that are founded on this model.

Can anyone point me to more information, or other resources?


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Nope. Happy to learn, though.


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Virginia Satir (a family therapist) was one of the models used by Bandler and Grinder when they were developing what became NLP (Neuro Linguisitic Programming).

But I guess if you have come across her work you will know this already ;-)

I've not read anything regarding a specific organisational theory, but her work does form the basis of a lot of communications theory. The books "Structure of Magic" and "Structure of Magic II" by Richard Bandler and John Grinder gives an outline of her work and how it was used in NLP. It is heavy going though and is focused on therapy.

Certainly there is a lot of material around on using NLP in business settings. While some NLP trainers/coaches have a touch of the snake oil about them, it is actually quite useful. Especially when combined with an understanding of DISC and MBTI.