I'm planning on setting up some coaching for my directs. We'll identify resources for them to use to skill up. But my question is when do they actually do the learning? It's probably a dumb question, but I'd like to make sure.  What's the best approach for scheduling the learning, how much time a week should they spend, do I block out the time for them or do I ask them to squeeze it in between tasks, etc...


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... on the type of work being performed.  If your directs are the typical knolwedge worker, you should let them decide when they'll get trained.  Afterall... you don't care as long as they continue to meet their deliverables.  Brainstorm ideas and start with what's free.


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In a few of the 'casts, they talk about how often the coaching matches up with one of YOUR needs or organizational needs.  You don't want to develop someone just to say you developed someone.  It has to fill something. 

So if you want to delegate a task to direct, align the coaching with the skills/expertise they need to do that task, or a task they are currently working on and not doing so well.  This way, the coaching becomes embedded in their work.  Otherwise, it is just like they are taking a course on their own.  I think they call it homework :)