I did do a cursory search through the forums about the scheduling of O3s.  BLUF: I have 4 directs in a K-12 school environment (I'm the CIO, they are Techs and Sr. Techs) and I'm wondering what scheduling-wise has been effective for those that have done O3s for a while and have had success with them?  For example, if you were in my situation would you do two a day back-to-back?  At only 1/2 hour a piece it seems pretty attractive to me to simply schedule a 2 hour block and knock them all out in one day.  I find that mornings work better due to queuing theory.  Thanks in advance!

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Hi there,

Sounds like you would prefer the 2 hours block so go with that but be flexible and if it's not working as you hoped then reset.  No harm and then you will know.

The key is to start doing the O3s!

Best of luck!


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There's a cast for that.

This cast runs through all these questions and more.

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Thank you for that.  My podcast app only went back to 2009.

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I could a couple things. I have found letting them choose as described in the above cast is very effective.  Also personally I do not like them back to back because I will often let them run over by 10 or 15 minutes. I also prefer to schedule one on ones on Tuesday. Thursday one on ones do you get interrupted more often. Although I would preferred to do them all in the morning I have had staff the preferred to have them in the afternoon so I let them choose an afternoon time. 

Listen to the cast above because it will answer all these questions

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I really would prefer my one-on-ones on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, that is our weekly Admin meeting.  I did O3s last year with some success but I did not do it with fidelity enough and petered out over the summer. I am looking forward to getting a fresh start with our O3s. 2 of my directs work in different buildings (not far away, 5-8 miles) but still. I'm going to try the back to back and we will see how it goes and reevaulate if it isn't working. Another issue we had last school year was what were supposed to be 1/2 hrs would turn into 1hr+. I'm hoping the back to backs would keep me more on track as well as my directs. I could simply say, "Jim is coming in" rather than awkwardly standing up and showing them the door. I have a GREAT team by the way.