I loved the podcast on team meetings -- made me realize how much information I was NOT sharing with my team. I plan to implement them immediately, and I agree that all should attend. I've searched the forum and also appreciate the numerous comments from everyone regarding format and other topics. This is a great community.

Would anyone have any suggestions re: scheduling meetings with remote staff? We're a small team (9 people), but on any given day and time we will have members of our team scattered around the country in all time zones, all consulting with or training clients who demand their full attention. How have others managed this issue with their teams and with their clients, when there is no "good" time for taking 60 to 90 minutes out of the day (remember the time zones -- can't do it during lunch).


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Most clients understand when a consultant says, "I have a key meeting once a week that lasts an hour. I need to step away at x time" Setting expectations and having good relationships make this an easy conversation.

Although this runs against M&M's recommendation, I found Friday morning a good time for this when I was running a consulting team (ie, early west coast, late morning east, early evening in Europe). Not ideal, but it worked.

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Two things - have you listened to the virtual teams cast?

And John - Friday mornings are great for your situation.


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John and Mark,

Thanks to both of you. The idea for Friday is interesting -- any idea how many times you lost folks when they were on a plane? I think that's my biggest concern with the Monday or Friday scenario, but of the two I think Friday would probably work better.

I hadn't listened to the virtual teams cast yet, but I'm downloading it now and will listen to it on the way home this evening. Looks like a big backup on 95 North, so I should have plenty of time to digest everything!

Thanks again.