Manager Tools Absolutely Rocks!

The Linked-In Cast - Yes, I went and updated my horrific Linked-In Profile. A Few weeks later, I am contacted by a recruiter who thinks my background in a certain industry is perfect for this company he is recruiting for.

After a phone pre-interview with the recruiter, I send my resume. - Yes, a resume that was updated from "Sticks" status to Manager-Tools clear and concise with lots of accomplishments.

Interview with the actual company was setup - I purchased the Interviewing Series and got to work. Now, although I did not have enough time to do the audio and video recordings of myself, I did take time during my commute to practice. I re-read my resume several times and used the 3x5 cards to keep my accomplishments fresh in my head.

Went through the interview early last week. - I felt stoked and initial feedback from the recruiter during phone conversation was that the company liked what they saw i me.

Thank you notes were in the mail the next morning.

Friday came and the recruiter called me with a job offer, positon, salary, benefits. - Totally cool. Now I just need to weigh the new offer against my current position. Too bad Manager Tools doesn't have a cast on making that desicion!