Greetings fellow forum users!

My name is Sean McGinnis. I have been a podcast listener for almost a year after stumbling on the cast at podcast alley.

By trade I am an attorney, having graduated over 10 years ago from University of San Diego Law. I work for Thomson Corporation, one of the largest specialty publishers on the planet. More specifically, I am (for the next several week) a sales manager for a company called Findlaw, that provides online advertising services for lawyers and law firms. In addition to providing online advertising opportunities, we design build and host web sites for our customers.

Next month, I relocate to our home office in MN to lead a team of 20+ individuals that are responsible for the optimization of our customers' web sites - ensuring they receive search engine traffic.

Needless to say, I will be going through a shocking transition:

[list]Pittsburgh to Minneapolis
Sales to Operations
"Home" Office to HOME Office
Team of 8 to Team of 20+[/list:u]
All these transitions follow closely on the heels of the birth of my third little boy just a few scant weeks ago.

YES! I love my pain in LARGE doses!!!!

Enough about me though.....

I will say that I feel pretty well equipped to handle the transition because of my devotion to all things Manager Tools! Not only that, I am convinced my Manager Tools knowledge helped me shine during the interview process - allowing me the privilege to lead our Search Engine Marketing team.

I have repaid the favor by bugging everyone I know and asking them all to check out Manager Tools. And being the sales guy I am, I know it has worked. My sister is now a listener. Several sales managers at work are also listeners. Before too long, I will bring the Magager Tools mantra home to the corporate office as well!

And if anyone has any advice to offer a sales guy transitioning to operations, please be sure to visit my earlier post and take your best shot at a word of advice or two.

I can use all the help I can get!


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Congrats on the new little one. Good luck with all the change!

Glad to have you as part of the MT community.