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A friend said he was listening to a podcast recently and the concept of a "premortem" was discussed. I can remember hearing about that, but I cannot remember what podcast it's in or the context in which it was discussed. I have tried the search function on the MT website (podcasts, documents and forums) and could not find anything. I even tried Google with the "" constraint. So given the assumption that "premortem" is in fact in the MT materials somewhere,

1. Does anybody remember which podcast it is in?

2. Is there a way to search the MT materials and find this?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!


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Any chance you guys are thinking of post-mortem? I searched our files and found that the term post-mortem is used in the How To Run Your Staff Meeting cast. Could that be it? 




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Hi Kate, thanks for responding. No, it was pre-mortem. Not a big deal. My main question is on searching and what actually gets searched (every word on the website, shownotes, podcasts, ???

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This is not the answer you are looking for, but when I was doing my PMP training I was taught how to use a premortem.  Essentially it is a different way of brainstorming risks for a project.  You set the stage by having the project team imagine they are in the future and the project has failed.  You ask them "How did the project fail?"  The answers, in my experience, tend to be the risks most likely to occur - though not necassarily the highest risks with the highest impact.  I don't necessarily use it in the PMI way, because there are more effective ways to build a risk register (such as standard brainstorming the MT way).  If I have a particularly non-creative group and the juices don't flow, I will sometimes try to jump start the conversation with this method.

I know this is not the answer you are looking for, but hopefully it helps some.  

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Could it have been the pre-wire?