I GOT THE JOB!!! They just called me with an offer and it is a better offer than what the director said in the interview, I think she was trying to see if it was just about money but I answered with " It is not about money it is about increasing my knowledge in the HR field" I also did a closing which I was scared to do but 2 days later I got an offer, Thanks for all your help, I am so happy!

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Congratulations! Way to go stepping out of your comfort zone and closing them. Clearly it worked out!

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And there are many of us out here toasting to your bold success!


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Congratulations. Nicely done. Good luck in your new position.

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Congratulations! I guess MommyNeedsANewScreenName now! :)

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Please keep up updated on how it goes once you get started

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[quote="pmoriarty"]Congratulations! I guess MommyNeedsANewScreenName now! :)[/quote]

Lol I guess you are right

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A few of these every week, and I'll let Mike lower my pay.


Sorry for the delay in responding. I regret my absence.

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Congratulations! And thanks for keeping us posted!