I'm banging my head against the wall trying to update my current position on my resume. I worked for three years at my company, left for two and now I've been back for another three. Additionally, I just got a promotion. My question is, do I include both my old position and my new position and show the two year break in employment or do I combine both tours of duty, since the job I left for and worked for two years will be the next entry on the resume?

I want to keep it short and sweet, but I don't want to make the mistake of leaving something out.

Any insights or examples would be greatly appreciated!



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Each position should be listed separately, even if back to back in the same company. So just list

2012.07 - current COMPANY A Position Z
2010.04 - 2012.06 COMPANY B Position Y
2009.01 - 2010.03 COMPANY A Position X
Etc., but using the recommended layout (I am typing this on my phone so skipping precise resume format)