I’m acquaintances (fellow soccer dads) with the COO of a small but rapidly-growing biotech company. While talking on the sidelines last weekend, he suggested that I meet with him and the heads of HR and R&D—he wants to get a feel for how I might fit into their organization for any current or future job openings. The meeting is scheduled for next week, I’m wondering if anyone here can provide suggestions on what to anticipate and how to prepare for such an informal “interview”.


Re-listening to the DISC profile casts and revisiting the Interview Series are obvious first steps, as is updating (and bringing) my resume.


I assume this is mostly a “get-to-know-me” meeting, and that I should be prepared to talk about what I can bring to the company as a whole? Has anyone else been in a similarly-vague interview? I’m currently employed and well-compensated, but have limited room for growth (big fish in a small company pond). My motivation is to learn about new opportunities and challenges in this growing company. 


Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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If this meeting includes to other "heads", then it is an interview, no matter how informal.

Listen to the Small talk (make a comment - ask a question - repeat)  podcast and the handshake podcast and the introductions podcasts.  I keep forgetting what their titles are.  But there some good ones.

Get and listen to the interviewing series. My recommendation.

Be prepared to talk about accomplishments.  Without bragging.

Be prepared with more small talk in this context so catch up on the local and national news.  Catch up on industry news and trends.

Because there are, what you mentioned, at least three people you will find at least one of them may approach this more like a real formal interview even if the others want to keep it casual.


Good luck




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Thanks for the suggestions, and I'll check out those podcasts!