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Although not really a book, one newsletter that I have been reading is coming from a site called Seishindo:


Just like Manager Tools gives you practical tools for managing, Seishindo give you tools to help you deal with your own behaviors. For example, have you ever gotten feedback on a negative behavior, perhaps from your boss, and you know you should change but you seem to unconsciously continue to do it? Seishindo can help make you more aware of the behavior and help you create solutions to become more productive in dealing with it.

Seishindo was created by Charlie Badenhop. Charlie is a fourth degree black belt and certified instructor of Aikido in Japan, and a certified trainer in NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis. He is also a long term practitioner of various forms of bodywork, Self-relations therapy, the Japanese healing arts of sei tai and seiki jutsu, and Yoga.

His most recent newsletter can be found here:

It is entitled "Learning from the Past, rather than re-living it." (His newsletters are free, BTW.)



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Thanks. Great news letter.
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