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My company's formal performance evaluation process this year includes a 360° component. Employees have to name 3-5 colleagues (can be superiors, peers, skips, etc.) to contribute to the process. How should I select them?

I have a high degree of uncertainty about how to choose people (which is why I'm asking), but my initial thought is to balance these three considerations:

  • Likely to give positive feedback
  • Have worked together closely
  • Include a balance of people from my team, internal customers, skips, etc.

The peer reviews include quantitative (1-5) questions like "generates high quality work" and "is easy to work with", as well as narrative description of strengths, weaknesses, and examples. The complete (non-anonymous) results are shared directly with the manager of the employee being reviewed, to help with the performance evaluation. Employees never see their colleagues' reviews. Managers can

I have to name my reviewers this week. Any thoughts on how to select them is much appreciated!

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Are you doing the 360 because you want to improve or because you want a good review?
My suggestion to you, and the same criteria I used for my last 360, is:
One of my manager's peers whom I support or work closely with
2-3 of my own peers - this includes at least one who performs the same primary function as me and the other(s) are those whom I support in some fashion
Finally, I look at someone outside of my own area that I provide support to in some fashion or that is a customer of a deliverable that I provide.

I hope that this helps.