I am on my first job as a manager (20 reports, factory environment) and so far after 4 months I had excellent start. My plan is to get on higher position within next 12 months, but to do it I do need some formal qualifications as at the moment I have none.

I am looking to start CMI diploma in Management, should I choose distance learning or classroom based course? Classroom based course might help me grow my network but it will take more time, cost twice as much (1500$ more) and take longer to finish. What is your opinion on distance learning? Is it something worth concidering? I dont want to "just" make a diploma, I am accualy looking to learn new things to help me on the job.

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Are you planning on staying within your company? If so, then I would talk to them. I know that I am early in my career and have spoken with my manager and director about if they prefer online or in-person courses when it comes to education and training. They both told me that my particular company doesn't have a preference. In my case, I ended up going with the in-person courses because it worked out better for my personal needs (there was an in-person location close by my house and the schedule worked out very well), but I was glad to know that I had both options. 

If you are planning to leave your company and move on to your higher position elsewhere, I would go with the classroom based certification as that may matter to other organizations. 

Good luck!