I've been in operations management for over 25 years.  I've never worked in manufacturing, having focused on retail, consumer products, and for profit education.

I started reading about Six Sigma, and Lean management.  I've practiced many of the basic tenants throughout my career, and wanted to hone my skills.  I work(ed) for a large for profit education company, and have access to the complete Six Sigma black belt certification.  My manager was extremely enthusiastic about my plan, and we'd already identified several basic project areas to look at.

Unfortunately, I was laid off on Monday, along with the rest of the division I worked in.  I need to complete one project to fulfill the requirements for the Six Sigma BB certification.  Yes, there is a question here - what now!  My goal is to work on Lean Six Sigma projects, and I need to figure out how to best highlight my past accomplishments while emphasizing my new, more narrow focus.

I'm sure many of you have experience similar situations, even though some of the names/titles may change.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.