BLUF: I’m a junior applications controller , my senior colleague doesn’t communicate. How can I address it?

For example;
1. Today. An issue meeting with a external developer which I wasn’t invited for, neither informed of.
2. Today. A manager from the Logistics department requested me to investigate, regarding wrongly reported stock affecting sales which he knows about. He was investigating it too, but didn’t inform me. I dis cored we try to solve the same because of a visit by the supervisor of Sales support.
3.  Support questions from users not recorded in the issue database. Users calls asking for status updates which I know nothing about..
4.  External partners calls, requesting for status updates because he didn’t call back, or didn’t get back to them.
5.  Etc.

His previous IT manager was very much laizes faire, but our current IT manager who hired me, is in my opinion a manager-tools-manager. My manager wishes to eradicate this type of dual-work.

I’ve requested;
·         my senior to cc: me in all his mails.
·         Asked users to cc: me in all mails addressed to my senior.
·         Have daily Issue Database meeting with him.
·         Building a ‘how to’ solve recurring issues, including a step-by-step guide.
·       Requested my IT manager, that all the work of Senior be assigned to me, as the senior is moving into BI.

Despite above he still not communicate, and drops me surprises.

However, what bugs me, though himself not communicating he does expect me to jump at his command.I must answer queries form users immediately.  My job is both supporting Operations departments, and project management. I’m working both operational and project management-style. He’s purely operational, no project management.  Being a 'S' my work load is increasing and my projects getting pressed for time..

How can i better address him, without involving my manager?

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I would involve your manager immediately. I can imagine no scenario where you can resolve this on your own. You do not have the authority to do so. It's possible your senior colleague could damage your career as well.

Ipso facto, involve your manager.