Hello all -- could use some advice about navigating some office conflict.
I lead a couple of teams at my office. We recently had a program manager transition from that role to interacting more with my group. Let's call that person Jane Doe for now. Jane doesn't have any directs yet but is tasking my team.
I know you're only getting one side of the story but I will note that anything I describe below, I have data to back it up.
Over the last couple of months, Jane has tasked individuals on my team & implemented changes to existing processes which have caused waste/overproduction/rework, slips in meeting SLAs, and other negative impacts. I recently asked Jane that if she does anything which affects my group, to let me know about it in advance.  That didn't go well.
Since then, one of two things happen... Jane does the end around me anyway. Or Jane socializes what she thinks she is going to do (without it being production ready) with the group.  Since Jane is just talking out loud/stream of consciousness here, it causes confusion and more questions.  When I attempt to clarify, Jane cuts off communication (declines meetings and not responsive to emails) and implements anyway.
This and my evidence has been brought to the attention of the senior director. He had previously been supportive and agreeable to what I have mentioned about the dynamics of working with Jane.
Or so I thought.
Yesterday there was a meeting with the 3 of us and the SD started it off by describing the business impacts, to let Jane say a few words, and then I would have the opportunity to respond afterwards.
Well, Jane ripped into me for being unprofessional, ill-informed, not aware of what's going on, and unorganized.  Nothing about the waste/overproduction/rework/slips; Jane offered nothing else -- just an attack on me.
When the SD gave me the opportunity to speak, I was feeling a little blindsided that the meeting devolved so quickly. I quickly realized if I tried to defend myself, it would just become he said/she said and nothing productive would result. So I simply replied, thank-you for the feedback and I will be mindful of such opportunities to improve.
I kinda get that the SD wants two people reporting to him to earn their pay and play nice with others.
On the other hand, I feel like my comments previously about Jane have been business/process related and not personal. Jane's conduct in the meeting was just the opposite -- just an attack on my character without any data to back up the claims.
My SD has always told me that he has my back and I have his support 100%. But after how yesterday's meeting went down, I'm not feeling it and from my point of view, trust has definitely eroded. I'm tired of taking the high road when others around me can sh*t all over the business and me... and while I understand performance management between a direct and a supervisor is confidential, I'm not seeing Jane at all being held accountable by the SD for her words.
I could really use some advice here on how to navigate this situation and what the prospect is for rebuilding trust with this SD.