How do we get a senior person the true picture of who was accountable for delayed project without pushing them under the bus? He wants a report on what went wrong. Is an impartial After Action Review focused on future impovemets and accountability setting the way to go with only a small look at www?

Background: Senior VP not impressed that a project was left until last minute and he has been answerable up further as to why its late. Lifecycle of project is about 8months. My team had the project for 4 months and 3 months ago and handed it over to another team. It was on track. The new team has delayed making simple decisions and have little output to show. We have stepped in to help get back on track. Now VP thinks its all our fault and new team happy to agree with that view.


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There was a podcast that talked about this. I don't know if it was an entire podcast or it just came up during one. The basics of it was that you don't throw someone under the bus without talking to them first. Let them know what the situation is and give them the opportunity to own up to what they did. If they decide not to then it is appropriate for you to address the issue yourself.