Thank you for providing this forum. I have a question about how to handle a scheduling issue.

We are not a union job, and ultimately I have say over the decision, but am looking to be fair.

Traditionally, when employees quit, their schedule is up for bid and given to the first in line based on seniority.

I have an employee quitting and a conflict with seniority dates and full time/part time status. We have 2 separate account locations, most of the staff stays at one location but sometimes they work between to help out the other site when short.

Bill has been part time since 2008 at the other site, he has another full time job.

Joe had been hired on as full time at my site since 2013. Stuck on the same overnight shift.

Bill transferred to my site in 2013 to work 2 weekend shifts permanently. Still part time status, however between both sites he gets anywhere between 16-40 hours per week. In the last year, he had gotten around 30 hours per week between both sites, picking up here and there. Bill retired from his FT job a few months ago and expresses interest in a FT spot. He asks to be changed to Ft status in December 2016 to be eligible for benefits. I do that for him. He also has another part time job. Bill is a work aholic and is always wanting to take other hours from people.

The dilemma is Bill has much more seniority as a part timer, but much less as a ln official full timer. He has been only PT at my site but ft between both sites. Joe has a family and young kids he never gets to see on the weekends and feels like he is being screwed. He wants to move into the new open schedule and my other newest guy wants to take Joe's old schedule, so they are both upset that who they see is a part time guy is swooping in and taking the preferred shift.

I personally want to give it to Joe because I feel her put his time in on a bad shift and I feel for him since he has young kids, Bill is a money mongering empty nester.

Any advice on how to handle? Thanks!