I sent a linked-in invitation to hiring manager with a thankyou note (after telephone interview, prior to in-person interview), and later on realized that it is such a bad idea.  It doensn't add any value but was a risky situtation.

I will be going for an in-person interview, and wondering how I should handle this? what do i need to do for damage control?

I really don't want to be defensive, but doesn't want to have it look awkward by totally ignoring it, and hurt my chances of getting hired?

I appreciate your suggestions. Thank you very much.

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 Hello Doncarr,


I would not worry too much about it. Most hiring managers that I met had already visited my LinkedIn and Facebook profile (at least the public part of it) and drew from there additional interview conversation topics. 


If the hiring manager has accepted the invitation, I would avoid posting updates on LinkedIn until the interview (this would look as if you would want to hide/proof something with your profile). 


If the hiring manager ignores your invitation, just BIBOMO. Breathe in, breathe out, move on. She will want to wait and meet you in person before connecting to you. 


So no worries! And good luck with the interview!



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 I agree... don't sweat it.