Hi There,

A difficult one.

Good, contributive staff member generally hardworking, seems to have vdeveloped a `rebellious' streak of late. THis young woman has on one occasion wlaked out of a one to one with me (I'm a senior manager in my business) she got pulled for this naturally, and has had to be pulled for bringing a laptop into a staff presentation i was doing for other team members.

Have had the standard `whats wrong' type chats, but I am wondering why she is behaving this way and the best way to deal with someone like this? all advice welcome.

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What was the point of contention that led to the walk out?

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the issue was that i needed the person to challenge those more around her to deliver better results. I was clear that they had my support but the persons contention seemed to be that they should never have to be demanding of other people - that this was managements' role.

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Why did you want/need her to do this? Is it a development task for her? Will it contribute towards her long term motivations or goals? Does the business need her skills or expertise? May she just see it as management passing off the difficult or uncomfortable conversations that they don't want to do?

What are you selling because it sounds like she isn't buying

I have found that when I have got a response different from what I expected when I look back at the situation, I've usually 'sold' it wrong and haven't given the person the What's In It For Me (WIIFM) and even if it is a mundane or must do task I try and sound excited and motivated and make sure that the context is clear.

If it's an opportunity for them I sell it that way explaining how doing this now will have an impact on something dear to them in the future.

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good idea, though i suspect with this person there may be some issues surrounding development too, and some petulance. A sell is important though.