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Submitted by Peter.westley on


I have just tried unsucessfully over the last hour or so to download the latest 'cast but keep getting server timeouts. I know it's a long way across the Pacific but normally things are pretty quick - is there a problem with the service or perhaps just high load after a new 'cast has been released?

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Never mind. I tried a few more times and it came good!

(think: patience, patience, patience...)

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Glad to hear you finally got it.

ALWAYS let us know if there's an issue. Oftentimes it's something out of our control, but you never know... and we want to know when things don't go right.

Cheers to a fellow handshake geek (someday I'll tell you a story about handshakes...)


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Thanks for looking out for us ... it is GREATLY appreciated !

I updated the link this morning.

thanks again,