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I manage a team of 30+ talented engineers. Responsiblities range from implementing new projects to daily operations and 24x7 on-call support. We have a long list of Service Level Agreements outlining our response to incidents an change requests.

Management has asked for input into goals for personnel manangement (retaining top performers) and fiscal accountability (managing hardware, software, and people costs). I'd apprecriate your suggestions in these areas.

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Retention is easy enough to measure.  Measuring the retention of top performers depends on defining how you measure who is a top performer.  This could be as simple as setting a rating threshold from performance reviews.  A goal would look like: Retain 100% of employees that had an average combined rating of 4 or greater on a 5 point scale through December 31 of 2010.

Fiscal accountability could be a target reduction, or keeping costs level if you're expecting revenue growth.  You could set a goal for limiting cost growth to n% less than revenue growth through December 31 2010.

The latter case is a particularly good goal, as it enables you to cascade the goal down to your team.  Individual members can have goals to increase the difference in revenue growth and cost growth by either a) increasing revenue, or b) decreasing cost.  Case b might be more important for one of your support staff, while case a more applicable to someone on your team that is billable.