Hi All - First post here. I am a new manager, and I want to start "sharing" my outlook calendar in order to be transparent about how I am using my time. There is a culture of that in my department already, as my manager, and a manager colleague also do this. One thing I have started doing is carving out a couple of one hour blocks during the day on my calendar for work/thinking, etc, so my whole day does not get booked with meetings. Currently (while my calendar details are still private), I have just called this "blocked time". However, when I make that public, I'm wondering if I should rename this. Probably overthinking it, but I want to maintain that important time without giving a general appearance of unavailability to my team or others (I am very accessible in general). Thanks!

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You are good to "make an appointment with yourself" to block out time.

I tend to reserve such time for a specific task (e.g. "Prepare for Cabinet Meeting") ...or mark the time as tentative. If you have an admin then the additional information may assist you or your admin with making a decision on whether to double book or make adjustments to your calendar.

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