Hey Guys,

I LOVE the podcast and everything you're doing with your website. Thank you SO MUCH!!

I do have a question about admins. My business partner and I are horribly in need of admin help. As with most new expenses, we are naturally leaning toward being as frugal as we can while addressing this need. Our current plan is that he and I would start out sharing one admin between us and see how it goes.

Some specifics about our situation:
We have a staff of 10 including ourselves. We are a technology company and so are mired in endless emails, phone calls and meetings.

Is sharing an admin an acceptable idea? Are there pitfalls to watch for when setting up this type of shared resource?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Tony Valle

P.S. - I just [url=]... your podcast on my blog[/color][/url]. Hopefully it helps to spread the word about what great work you guys do!

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Thanks for the kind review!

Yes, admin sharing is fine. It's rarely the admin's fault when it goes's the partners' inabilities to play nice.

Simply make clear what you're going to do, and start with the admin cast, and have him/her serve both, and then deal with issues as they arise.

It's a privilege to serve you.