Hello all,

I wanted to share with you my first success with DISC.

I am a SW Architect at a Telecommunications startup in Israel. Having listened to the 4 DISC podcasts only recently, I applied what I learned today when a HW engineer came to my office to ask some questions. I already identified him as a high-C (I myself think I am a high-I).

In the past, all our communications always felt awkward and he always left my office with a face that says discontent.

Today, I listened through, paid attention to detail, discovered what data he was missing, and focused on responding with the specifics he was missing.

This time, he left my office with a smile.

And I felt great too.


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As Peter Drucker wrote, communication is what the listener does.  

We are more effective when we help our listeners...which is exactly what you did. 

John Hack