I am the last human without an iPod, so I burn CDs to listen the podcasts and listen in my car. This results in a lack of notes for later use. Has any thought been given to a way in which we can share notes on the 'casts? Or is anyone interested in us doing that on our own?

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Mark and Mike are working on "Premium Content" which will include more tools and notes. Sharing notes between listeners would interfere with their business model.

Quick question: how do you think the 29,999 other listeners of manager tools that do have an iPod take notes while listening in their cars?

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I was unaware of that. Thanks for the heads-up.

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I listen in my car, but often I'll find myself in a work situation where I need to use information from a previous podcast. In that case, I close my door, fire up the iPod and take notes on the podcast, fast-forwarding where necessary (this is where I wish the iPod had a "fast" setting for podcasts like it does for audiobooks). Based on doing this over the last year or so, I have some very nice formatted notes on Retention, Top 10 Career Tips, the Late Stage Coaching Model, and I think a few more. I'm curious to see how they'll compare with the premium content when it comes out.

I agree with Rob's comment -- I'd be happy to share, but I wouldn't do it unless Mark and Mike gave the OK first.

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drinkcoffee wrote:

[quote]this is where I wish the iPod had a "fast" setting for podcasts like it does for audiobooks[/quote]

I've just downloaded a program called AudioBookConverter (I haven't had the chance to try it yet though) that can batch translate mp3 into m4b, which are their audiobook counterparts. Meaning you can change the speed, and the iPod remembers where you stopped listening.

It's in:

Hope this helps.[/quote]

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Premium Content is coming! Premim Content is coming!

Paul Revere.

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....and Coke is sueing Coke is sueing. :twisted: Sorry the jingo popped into my head for some reason.


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Gil -- thanks for the tip! I'll check it out.