I'm considering sharing with my team a list of some positive feedback instances I gave last year.  The goal is that this will show to my directs what I pay attention to in the behavior of their colleagues.

For example, direct A may have received feedback about writing a detailed and thorough analysis of a defect. And direct B may have received feedback about taking additional time to clean the code. It may not be obvious to A that I'd like him to clean the code when possible, or to B that giving more details is preferred. My situation is such that I can't see missed opportunities, because I don't know enough details of what they do to notice these opportunities. So I could not give negative feedback about them. And I'm not sure I would even want to...

So I would send a dozen examples of feedback I gave. I would not include precise references to the work that was done, to minimize the chance that it's obvious who this feedback was addressed to.

Do you have comments and suggestions about that?

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Performance is best coached one on one. I’d use group situations to provide your vision, allow public q&a, and share feedback from outside your team aimed at the whole team. I’d keep the feedback positive and any negative feedback constructive and softly paraphrased. Individuals will best respond to private coaching. If the problem is cascading the vision, then coach your managers in doing this and ensure they are by following up and doing skip levels.