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Here is an interesting situation. I look forward to the comments, suggestions.

A very close friend of mine was interviewed for a very reputed company (Turnover 1Billion $). The Job position offered was open for discussion and using Mike and Mark interview model she whistled past more than 5 rounds of interview. In the final round of interview with HR personnel she clearly indicated that it has be "Vice President"(VP) position for her to consider taking up the job. She has received the offer about 2 days back in a position a level below as that of a Sr. Manager. The total compensation levels are in the very lowest range for the VP position,(Below her expectation, though) as prevail in the market. She feels that without getting the VP Position it is not possible to establish the systems and process that is needed as well as authority, as it is a kind of turnaround management[u] in a sunrise field[/u] in which she has expertise. The company is a global leader in the business and there are plenty growth opportunities. In her present job, she is doing very very well and reputation and results are unquestionable. (She is with the present job for the last 14 years and grown fast track,and every one wants her in their team for inputs) In the first place, she accepted the interview call to take up a challenging assignment more for fulfilling the Ego/ Self actualization needs.

Should she go back and negotiate what she mentioned in the final discussion or reject the offer. Within What time line she should do this.
Looking forward to the thoughts and suggestions.

My thoughts are that she should reject this as companies or very clear what they want and so they offer. Moreover retro fitting her may rock the boat in that organization.


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Was the company clear with your friend about the position she was interviewing for? It would be poor form if all the way through the process she was led to believe that she was interviewing for a VP position, only to be offered a more junior position without some kind of explanation.

Initial thoughts are that she should immediately seek clarification from the company about the position being offered and seek an explanation about why the position has changed. If it is the position that the company really only wants to offer her senior manager position then it comes down to whether she really believes that she needs the title of VP to be successful in the position. If so, accepting at a more junior level would be self defeating.

Definately worth getting clarification though, and ASAP. It would be shame to miss out an position because there was some confusion about the title, and if it is left too long it looks a bit odd.

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Tomas is right, don't pass up what could be a great opportunity. Not only should she get clarification, she should ask to meet IN PERSON for another set of discussions around the job and its responsibilities.

This might be risky (ie, they might withdraw the offer) but how could she possibly make an informed decision about the offer without a much better understanding of the position.

We rarely hold a position the whole time we're at a company. Lateral moves and promotions are common nowadays. If she isn't sure she'll succeed in her first role, then her entire career at what might otherwise be a great firm is jeapordized.


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I agree that she needs to get clarification on the position. But I would keep the discussion focused on the ability to establish the systems and process needed.

Is this just a misunderstanding on job titles (titles vary wildly by compnay)?


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Many thanks for the response so far. The feeling is overwhelming to see that there are people out there to take time and give their views and opinions. Many many thanks.

Some more clarifications:-

This is not a title issue, there is a clear hierarchy. The offer is one level low. She made it very clear during the final discussion, that anything other than the position of VP wont be a pull factor and would be seen as a lateral move. (More so with dozen years in the present job, with expertise on new technology /functional profile area). She is very clear anything other than VP position wont bring in the punch to work the dramatic change / strategy that is required. She has clearly indicated during every round of discussion that she is contemplating the change of job, for bringing in turnaround in companies who lack the system and to work on her own Ego needs.

Her performance rating, never less than 150% every year and she is recognized globally in the present organization among leadership team and peers. Her ability to produce results are also recognized outside by the functional experts.

The company right from beginning has indicated that this is a senior management position, the specific title /benefits never came for discussion as with any job interviewing.(There are no job specifications as this would be a new position created to bring in that desired change).

The company needs professional in her area of functional expertise in view of their ambitious growth plan, and more so demanded by the independent board of Directors who want to see visible evidence of implementation.(Also demanded by customer organizations for whom this company works out contract).

The company is not a competitor or not even closely similar to the present basic activity her present organization does.

Now the Killer:-

The job also involves relocation to another Metro, 400 Miles, New city, new culture.( Very different in local context).

The overall cash on hand, looks much less, as calculated by her tax planner over the last 24 hrs.

So now, what???!!!!.

It is not a soap opera. This is also a case of "Truth is stranger than fiction".


PS: Even after 72 Hrs, the "NO" decision prevails from her counselors. Let us see what happens over the weekend. She plans to communicate her decision Monday.

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The offer is what it is.

If she wants to plat the role they are offering, take the job and let her performance blow them away. If she does not believe she can be happy or effective in the role, pass.

The company has gone through 5 rounds of interviews and clearly thinks she is a good fit for the role they offered. If they thought she should be playing the VP role, that’s what the offer would have been. No more negotiations. Two choices, she has to pick what is right for her.

My .02


ps, I’m a high D, can you tell 

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Mike's right about the offering being what it is. If they intended to offer her a VP role, they would have.

You note that she made it clear she wanted a VP role. You didn't make it clear if that was what they were interviewing for. Did they put out a all for Sr. Manager and your friend is just trying to get a promotion before getting hired?

If they don't have a VP role open, they're not going to hire for one.

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Thank you all the comments and response.

Just to update that She has called up the company HR folks, Monday and informed them of her decision to decline the offer.