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Having read the Interviewing Series notes about interview attire for men, I have a question. I don't have any uncertainty about the color and collar style of the shirt - in fact that's what I wear most days anyway. However men's shirts can have button cuffs or French cuffs which must use a cufflink to fasten. 

Applying the No Jewelry rule [a point which my wife, a late but enthusiastic convert to all things Manager- and Career Tools, first raised], I suspect that as French cuffs require a link, the rule would exclude them (although one could argue that the silk knots we all wore in the '90s are more embellishment than outright jewelry). Outside of the City of London or Wall Street I'm guessing that button cuffs are recommended. What does the community think?

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I have always worn French cuffs to interviews, I feel it has a certain je ne sais quoi about it.

That said, the link. I think it is important to differentiate between what is fashionable, and what has purpose. I would say you should be fine, but don't wear any flashy links. This includes bright shiny silver, anything larger than a button on your suit, etc etc.

I bought a shirt once from Mexx that had French cuffs and a double button link, essentially just 2 buttons sewn together on a string. This is what I normally wear for interviews, it allows the French cuff without the show.

I couldn't find anything similar online, but even something like the link below should be okay.


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The general rule I would recommend is that everyone wear button cuffs.

The exception is for certain jobs, at a certain executive level, or, as you so wisely point out, on the Street or in the City.

Whomever reads this: if you doubt, wear buttons.


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Thank you for taking the time to answer on your beach day. I appreciate it. In fact Brooks Brothers doesn't even make a shirt that has that style of collar and French cuffs (and frankly how bizarre would that look anyway?) so the choice is made for us - a win in this context.


 Thanks again