This might even help with resume wording. Salesdogs= Rich Dad Sales book.


[Link Deleted - MSA]

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Does two posts in a row linking to the same website feel like spam to anyone else?

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I'd say possibly, and it would be up to Mark or Mike to give the member some feedback.

When you post two short comments to our forums linking to the same website, our members think spammer, which lowers your image in their opinion, and leads us to consider removing your name from our website. Our members care about our site and protect it from unprofessional behavior. What can you do differently? ;-)

JHB  "00"

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KMTOME is clearly not getting the message about being effective.

Great comment JHBCHINA.

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I recommend the following: 

1.  Ignore it.  Do not reply to it.  Keep the thread dead. 

2.  There are folks (me, for example) who will contact Mike and notify him of spam.  Feel free to PM me if you'd like to alert. 

3.  Mike will delete the threads. 


John Hack

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 Everyone owes John a note of thanks ... he is THE spam detector (I have an email folder specifically for John's spam reports ;-)

And to be clear, I DON'T give spammers feedback ... I make a judgement as to whether they're a spammer, and if I believe it to be so, I delete their posts and block their access to the site.   

It's a shame that so many resources have to be tied up in managing spam. A cost of providing the forums I suppose, but as I told John, saying it's an annoyance is the understatement of the decade.  :-)