I am interviewing for 2 different opportunities at the same company (external). How should I handle the close in this situation? I know that the goal of interviewing is to get offers, but since both opportunities are at the same company I am unlikely to get more than a single offer. I still want to close with each interviewer.

Background: I applied for one position, and the department head thought I would be more suitable for a lower level position. After an initial phone interview, the head has decided to bring me on site for interviews for both positions. I expressed interest in both positions, but I am obviously more interested in the higher-level opportunity. The interview schedule has me interviewing with 9 (nine!) different people while on site, covering both of the positions.

I know at some point the discussion will come around to narrowing my focus. I have been intentionally open minded to this point, but I am unlikely to accept any offer for the lower-level position unless it really blows me away. I can't really decline an offer that I don't have, but I'd really prefer one position over the other. Is there a tactful way to handle this without diminishing my chances at getting an offer? After all, I'd rather have an offer for the lower level position to consider than no offer at all!



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It depends on why you want the offer(s).  Decision points that apply to the entire company (culture fit, quality of people) would be the same.  When analyzing the opportunity you would need to know what attracts you to the position.  You'll want to identify what each position offers that gets you excited and consider using that in your close.

Have you listened to the How to Close podcast in the Interview Series?  It offers excellent advice.


Good luck!