In May I applied for a church position listed on my school's placement website and the church wrote back saying they had decided that it wasn't a good fit. Then just a few days ago I saw that they had reposted the position on the school's placement website.

Should I contact a church again to say I'm still interested in the position since it seems they are still looking to fill the position? Or just accept their initial decision?

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No Pun intended Advocate,

You need someone on the inside to get your application to the decision maker. If you do not have someone in your network that can flag your application as a MUST read to the hiring manager, for they know that you have the skills for the position, then re-applying is wasting your time and theirs.



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 Would you happen to know someone within the Hiring / Decision-making group? It might be worth getting more clarity around a) what about your first application made them not see you as a good fit and b) what are they specifically looking for beyond the job responsibilities posted? Might be worth getting some more information.

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Exact same thing happened to me in applying for the role that led to my current appointment.  On seeing re-advertisement I called the hirer direct and had a discussion on where I was deemed lacking and I put my case for why I hoped they could give me an interview.  I was lucky enough to secure an interview and the role applied for.