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Dear Career and Manager experts,

Should I apply for a potential PM opening in my current company even though I'm a Sr. IT Applications Manager with three (3) directs?



I currently, hold a Sr. Mgr. IT Apps role and have 3 directs that manage a total of 6 Applications. I used to have 5 directs, however, since last November due to internal reorganization, I "only" have 3 directs left.

I feel  that I'm not learning enough in my current Job (long story with current Mgr.), since I'm not a "full" time Manager if you'd like. I do provide support for 2 of the 6 Application within my team.


Today, one of my colleagues told me that there will be new opening in the next few weeks for a PM position. Where i will have the opportunity of reporting to a different Manager. I know that i have to apply, and follow all the required prep associated with interviewing and so on. My question is, does this mean that I'm downgrading my career?

This PM role would potentially be running Projects between 100K - 3M dollars. Which will be quite challenging and interesting Job to do.

The PM role would probably be Sr. PM which would basically be the same as the current role that i have in terms of the level within the company.

By the way, I still would like to stay in the same company.


What do you think?



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While within your company these are the same level, I would be inclinded to think that the PM role is much greater in the outside world.

PM for 3m dollar projects will be a hell of a lot more impressive than your current role (or at least it sounds it from the above).  I certainlly wouldn't see this as a downgrade.

One way to test this is to look on the jobs boards - compare roles and see what comes up.

The bigger and probably more important question is do you want to be a PM?  There is a world of difference from your current role to PM.  Yes there are transferrable skills - but fundementally you will be moving from hands on to hands off.

It certainly doesn't sound as if the current role is enough for you.  Maybe it is just a case of asking your current manager for more responsibilities - or time to look outside for that career progression.

Best of luck.