I applied for a position where I know the boss and I've expressed my interest to the boss via email three weeks ago. The position was posted for 3+ weeks and typically interviews don't occur until after the posting comes down.

The position posting came down last week and I know the boss is on vacation this week.  Would it be appropriate to email again my interest in the position and working with the team?  If so, how should I word it?

(I have purchased the interview series and I've been rehearsing appropriately, but I don't recall this situation being addressed.)

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Expressing your interest in a position makes one appear eager and willing to do a little work for a position. If your concerns in sending a second email lie in the fact that you think you will appear desperate, you are wrong. By not continuing to follow up you are not only showing your eagerness but also keeping your application fresh in the minds of your interviewer and potential new manager.

A quick example of a potential email to the hiring manager might be: "Hello X, I hope you are enjoing your vacation. I just wanted to send a quick note to express my continued interest in X position. A few areas where I think I could really make a difference are X, X and X. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss further". And do not forward the email you sent last time to follow up rather start this off as a new email. 

While the manager who is hiring may be on vacation this week a note in their mail when they return cannot hurt. Worst case scenario they tell you that they are not interested in interviewing you. I'm sure you will agree that a no is always better than not knowing at all.

Sarah Sentes - Manager Tools Presenting Associate

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Thank you Sarah!  I think this is good advice and I appreciate you taking the time to help!