I was recruited via LinkedIn for a great position at a seemingly great company. The obstacle is that I already have a great job at a great company and I'm not really looking to leave. (Yes, a great problem to have, right?)

That said, I've always heard from successful professionals that you should never turn down an opportunity until you fully understand what that opportunity is.

Would love to hear others' thoughts on this... and whether I should invest the time and effort to go through the recruitment process, which is never fun.

Many thanks for your time and input.


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 Sure, why not?  Determine what the position is, and what the people are like.  You have nothing to lose.  Even if you decide the position isn't right for you, you can leave the recruiter with a desire to find something even better for you.

  Good luck,

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If you are sure you will not accept any offer, its unethical to continue the interview process.

And, if you are not keenly looking to leave, but would be open for a great opportunity, why not continue to find out more. Then, once you know it's not for you, then you can tell that.

Good luck!